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Book no.1


Eternal Love

This book of poems will touch your heart deeply. Steve & Inga's rare connection is beyond this physical world and has awakened a deep realization between their souls. They have spent numerous lifetimes joined as united beings and now share their profound words of love, compassion and happiness. Venture through their loving journey and experience the depths of their souls. These words will bring forth loving emotions you've been seeking for so long.

The Book is formatted as .pdf so you can read it on any device.




Through the Millennia

If you are reading this it is your destiny. You have asked through your intense desire for the opportunity to deliberately participate in the awakening of you. Enjoy this epic love story spanning untold millennia, recounting the unrelenting search for true love and the discovery of life’s purpose in the process. You have earnestly asked the question, “Who am I?”

 “You are love in its purest form.”

My desire to share this hidden truth is so strong that I'm breaking the mold of the typical author. For a limited time I am offering a .pdf download of my latest book.

Please Donate if it resonates within your heart. Download it today and change your life!

Book no.2
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